What Message Are You Sending?

When greeting a friend or colleague, do your exchanges go as follows?
“Hi. How are you?”
“Busy. How are you?”
Followed by a mutual acknowledgement of your mutual state of “busyness.”
“Busy” has replaced our old standard response of “Fine. How are you?”

What message are we sending each other?

That we are important?

That we have too much work?

That we feel overwhelmed?

Think about it. What message do you want to send? That you are busy? Or that you are open? Open to possibility. Open to an introduction or collaboration. Open to a new project, new client or for our nonprofit clients, a new grant or donor.

At a recent meeting, Zizi Pak (a thriving real estate agent) shared her response to the question: “Are you busy?”  Her reply (which is poetry in motion):     “ Never too busy for you!” In one phrase she signals the universe she is ready and willing to accept good things coming her way, and that the person she is speaking with is important to her.

So, when next asked, “How are you?” What message will you send?