Join Us: Experience the “X” Factor

Opportunity.  Investment.  Impact.

BV believes that nonprofits and the people who shape them have a unique capacity to change the world. We are inspired by those that possess the "X" Factor - the exponential impact that one organization can have on a multitude of lives. 

BV cordially invites you to Lido Consulting's 11th Annual Family Office Symposium. BV is proud to have our Founder and President, Ranlyn Tilley Hill, moderating a panel of these inspiring nonprofit leaders at the Lido Family Office Investment Symposium at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica, CA on March 2, 2016.


Come join us to meet nonprofit leaders who are changing their communities and our world!

"Knowledge is Power" 
Marlo Gottfurcht Longstreet
Founder & President
Tanner Project Foundation
"The Future of Philanthropy"
Terry Torok
Chief Innovation Officer
Come hear what they believe and how they are turning those beliefs into ACTION.