Sharon Berman Interviews Ranlyn and You Thought You Knew Her Story...

Benevolent Vision President and Founder, Ranlyn T. Hill, is interviewed on Law Firm Marketing Catalyst Podcast by Host Sharon Berman. Ranlyn gets personal as they discuss her own career pivoting and progression while diving deep into the origins and nuances of Benevolent Vision's unique consulting model.

Don't miss Ranlyn's practical advice about the real need for lawyers in the tax-exempt community, and where to find them!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

·    Why a litigator would stop practicing law to become a nonprofit and foundation expert.

·    Why it’s important to have one or several attorneys on a nonprofit’s board of directors and the types of practice areas that can be helpful.

·    How Benevolent Vision matches attorneys with paid and volunteer positions in nonprofits.

·    How sitting on nonprofit boards can boost an attorney’s career and help build their practice.

·    How Benevolent Vision works with clients and why they choose to primarily focus on nonprofits and other enterprises that are committed to social impact.