Why Fonts Matter

Could your font choice hurt your campaign? There are different types of fonts and styles such as a script, modern, distorted, and many more. When constructing digital content for your nonprofit or business, you want to make sure to use the proper font. One of the biggest offenders of being used incorrectly is Comic Sans. It is overly used and easily accessible as a nontraditional font. While many computer typing programs, such as Word, are equipped with various fonts, Comic Sans has become the go-to for a non-traditional font. Since it is so readily available, it has become improperly overused and ruins great digital creations.

Fonts have different categories and it’s important to use the proper style of font. Why you ask? Because different styles of fonts can create different impressions. A script font creates a sense of elegance, while classic fonts like sans serif are professional and reliable. For example, a Wine and Cheese event is known as a more elegant event than a Run/Walk fundraiser. So it would make sense to pair an elegant event with a script or chic font.


But when you use a font that does not seem to associate with the event such as a horror-themed font, it can confuse your guests.


It may lead your invited guest to believe there is more to the Wine and Cheese event than they were led to believe. Unless it is a Halloween themed Wine and Cheese event, it is best to go with a more traditional, modern, or script font. It might also deter your invitees from attending because they are unsure what to expect. So if you are planning a fundraiser you would not want to lose donors based on your font use.

When reading any text there is a tone associated with the font. This is another important reason for using the proper font. When reading certain fonts it creates a sound, for example:

hello. what is your name.png

Although each of these is spelled the same, the different font styles create a different voice for each version. So not only do you hear it differently but the impression and feeling it gives you can create a good or bad experience. The first font feels friendly and inviting, while the second font is strange and scary. If both of these were used on a movie poster you would be able to guess the genre of the movie based on the font. So making sure to use the right font can make more people interested in your creations and/or campaigns.

Bottom line? The reasons fonts matter is because they create a tone, an experience, and an idea about the content. If you have a font that aligns with your brand goals, then you will be able to create the desired impression.  Your digital creations would benefit more from a traditional font than forcing fonts into your work for a ‘nontraditional’ look.

Make sure to use the proper font and grab attention from the right audience to make your messaging and campaigns truly successful!