Basking in the Afterglow

Winner of Judges & Audience Awards! Shot at the Social Innovation Fast Pitch event on March 8, 2016. 

In March 2016, BV attended Social Venture Partners Fast Pitch at the Skirball Center. 

From the moment we walked in, we could feel the electricity in the air. The contestants and all 600 audience members, were ready for a show. And what a show we got!
10 nonprofit leaders hit the stage, one by one, each delivering the pitch of their life. What they communicated in 180 seconds has stayed with us beyond 180 hours, and we anticipate will remain with us much longer...
What was it that made this such an incredible night?
Was it:

  • the 8 weeks of intensive coaching, critique and preparation that each nonprofit leader went through?
  • the results of working and re-working between 15 and 24 versions of pitches?
  • the sheer potential of each project pitched?
  • the competitive model?
  • the courage and vulnerability of each nonprofit leader standing alone on stage, no power point, no props, just themselves?

All of that contributed to the night. No doubt.  

What made it exceptional was the anticipation, the innovation of the projects and the exchange each nonprofit leader had with the audience. It was personal. Every leader had skin in the game. The best pitches interwove a personal story. They incorporated the dire facts confronting the people they serve and made a case for their cause. They led with compassion, backed up their cases with logic, then called us to action. They opened up their hearts, utilized great intellect and asked for what they wanted.

And it worked.
Simple. Right?
Simply perfection. A perfect formula that each of us can weave into our work with nonprofits, ngos and family foundations. Tell your story with heart. Make it personal. Know your facts. And above all, be clear about what you want.
Click here to view all the pitches.
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