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The Total Completion Model
BV 123

Benevolent Vision’s Total Completion Model (TCM) takes a three prong approach… 

Step 1 Query & Assessment (QA): We begin our model with inquiry and assessment by asking thought provoking questions and actively listening to you to fully identify their needs, vision, and goals for their organization.  Our dedicated team has the expertise and know-how to help you comprehensively evaluate and assess all aspects of your organization.  Whether you are looking to increase the impact of your grantmaking dollars or engage the next generation of board leaders, we can take you to the next level. 

Step 2 Planning Process (PP): This is a collaborative design process.  We work with your organization, side by side, to customize plans and strategies to meet your unique needs and challenges. 

Step 3 Implementation (IM): Many organizations need support in the implementation of their customized plan.  BV can provide your organization with the knowledge, capacity and bandwidth to truly focus on driving your mission forward.  And ultimately, creating greater impact for your organization and community.


Management.  Thought Partner.  Champion for Change.