Ana LaDou

Strategic Alliance – Transition Specialist, Strategic Planning, Capacity Building, Operations Specialist

I believe we can reshape the world: we can challenge the status quo - and each other - to be our very best. I believe we can inspire change, increase leadership capacity, and collaborate to effectively develop creative, individualized solutions to entrenched problems.
— Ana LaDou
  • Expertise in accurate assessment, thoughtful strategy, decisive execution, mission realignment, crisis management and leadership development making your organization strong, effective, and resilient. 
  • Business plan development that includes financial forecasting, increasing asset efficiencies, land and real estate strategy development.
  • Fixer, change agent, and leadership consultant to nonprofit boards and CEOs in transition.
  • Successfully built nonprofits from the ground up and turned around struggling agencies.  Experience with local, national and international reach.  
  • Adept with transitioning organizations, efficiently juggling myriads of moving parts and shifting priorities through leadership transitions, program growth, capacity building and restructures.
  • Fearlessly takes on challenging situations, quickly assesses risks and opportunities, and develops strategic solutions that incorporate on-the-ground realities. 
  • Graduate of Columbia University in New York
  • Passionate about food (mostly eating it), poetry slams, spending alone time with my daughters, creating art and meeting organizational cultures exactly where they are.